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What is the relation between language and society? Why and how does language change through time? How do language and thought relate? Explore all these questions and more through a range of courses that have applications to teaching, speech-language pathology and communication engineering.

Speech and Language Sciences

This new program provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the field of speech and language sciences and disorders. This program also functions as a pre-professional preparatory program for students who intend to pursue graduate work in speech-language pathology or audiology. Our program is just the third of its kind offered in Canada.

General Certificate in Practical Ethics

Practical ethics is an exciting new area of multidisciplinary study and research which provides the opportunity to apply ethical concepts and principles to contemporary social issues.

General Certificate in Law & Society

York University students may earn a General Certificate in Law & Society concurrent with fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree

Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Public History

This certificate provides students with an introduction to the theory, methods and practice of work in historical, heritage and cultural institutions, and a critical understanding of the production and presentation of historical knowledge for public audiences.

Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Indigenous Studies

To qualify for the Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Indigenous Studies, students must complete 24 credits from a list of approved courses, with a cumulative grade point average in these 24 credits of at least 5.00.