Program Category: Social Sciences

Work & Labour Studies

Learn how work occupies much of our lives and influences how we live and think about the world while exploring the complex nature of work and employment, the impact of globalization and the role of trade unions.

Urban Studies

Gain real world perspectives and theoretical knowledge as you investigate the complex relationship between political institutions, economic systems, ecological processes, physical structures, social relations and cultural understandings.


Examine social interaction and explore thought-provoking topics such as social inequality, the causes and effects of global migration and the meaning of gender and race in society.

Social Work

Combine practical experience with in-class studies about critical social work perspectives and approaches with our social work program, recognized as one of the most progressive and socially responsive programs in Canada.

Sexuality Studies

Examine the artistic, cultural, economic, geographic, historical, literary, political, psychological and social aspects of sexuality in a transnational context.

Indigenous Studies

Develop awareness and a sense of social responsibility relating to Indigenous issues. Learn from traditional Elders and ceremonies. Placements with Indigenous or supporting organizations will also provide you with cultural and experiential knowledge about Indigenous lands, languages and cultures.

Interdisciplinary Social Science

Examine historical and contemporary issues within the social science field, including topics such as sustainability and the environment, social justice and diversity, diaspora and global development.  

Individualized Studies

This program is designed for students whose academic interests are best met by a customized program of study that allows them to choose courses across the University. The program is unique to York, and allows you to create your own path.

Health & Society

Challenge yourself to critically look at the complexity of health policy, and discover ways in which globalizing economies shape both illness and health care.

Gender and Women’s Studies

Discover the intersections of gender, race, class, age, ability and sexuality in popular culture, everyday life, the arts, the sciences, politics, societies, and the economy.