Program Category: Law and Politics

Political Science

Explore the actions of governments, judicial systems and political parties while discovering movements in society and in the power relations of everyday life. This program is designed to develop a student’s political analysis ability, critical skills and democratic awareness.

Law & Society

Sharpen your research and analytical skills in fields as varied as philosophy, anthropology, and criminology, as you pursue the knowledge of the law, how it has impacted the course of history and the role it plays in today’s society.

International Development Studies

Explore the foundations of international development theory and how these theories translate into the practice of helping those in need. Study the realities facing communities throughout the world, and the factors that contribute to the inequalities between the rich and the poor.

Human Rights & Equity Studies

This program explores the ethical principles of human rights as well as the roots and impact of human rights violations and efforts of remedy. Discover the foundational concepts behind human rights and examine what constitutes rights violations.

Global Political Studies

Gain the skills required to analyze the governance of global forces, and evaluate responses to tough questions in today’s global landscape. This program focuses on the political community; issues of diversity and inequality; the nature of security, peace, and violence; and major transformations in global, regional, and domestic politics.


Discover how the study of crime and its control intersects with social life and connects to the pursuit of justice. This program focuses not only on crime and criminal justice, but also on processes of criminalization and social regulation.

Public Administration

This program aims to provide students with “education for good governance.” With a strong emphasis on social justice, public ethics and commitment to democratic values, students in the Public Administration program take courses from a mix of disciplines. Develop critical thinking, analytical capabilities and management skills.