Program Category: Cultural Studies and Writing

Professional Writing

Gain the type of practical experience highly sought after by prospective employers while studying forms of written expression that inform and shape our culture.

English & Professional Writing

This program blends English & Professional Writing into a single degree program that highlights and enhances the relationship between the two fields of study. Develop your critical reading, writing and analytical thinking skills.


Discover literary art in all its forms, become knowledgeable about the development of literature throughout history and master the ability to write. This program offers a variety of courses in historical periods from medieval to contemporary, in the literature of several nations (Canadian and post-colonial as well as English and American).

East Asian Studies

This program explores the significance of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean language, literature and fine arts and investigate the economic, social and political impact of these influential nations.

Culture and Expression

This flexible, interdisciplinary degree program is designed to explore the plurality of cultural expression. Explore the catalytic relationship between the creative human imagination and the cultural settings that ignite it.

Creative Writing

This program introduces students to the various forms of literary writing. Develop a portfolio of writing, including fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry with one of the few degree programs of its kind in Canada.

Classical Studies

This program offers a range of courses in Greek and Roman history, literature, culture, art and architecture, Greek philosophy, and in Greek and Latin language. Explore the mythology, archaeology, history, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome.

African Studies

This program provides students with the opportunity to pursue their interest in Africa as a double major or minor. It is designed to help you gain personal and political insight on topics such as African history, people, and the continent’s role in global affairs.